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×… Inspectors by essencestudios
  • Listening to: the scritching of kitty litter
  • Watching: a kitten sleep
  • Drinking: well coffee of course

that is all
  • Listening to: the scritching of kitty litter
  • Watching: a kitten sleep
  • Drinking: well coffee of course
Hello my lovelies!:iconletmehugyouplz:
Animal Rescue Network New Zealand Charitable Trust has a colouring book for sale!:wow:
All proceeds go to ARNNZ:iconmeowdanceplz:
Artwork by yours truly:iconleartistplz:
You know you want one:squee:
...or two...
Colouringbookposter by essencestudios
  • Listening to: the scritching of kitty litter
  • Watching: a kitten sleep
  • Drinking: well coffee of course
Check us out!………

Logo 02 Colour by essencestudios

Journal Skin created by FIRSTxAIDxKIT
  • Listening to: the scritching of kitty litter
  • Watching: a kitten sleep
  • Drinking: well coffee of course


Journal Entry: Mon May 4, 2015, 11:49 PM


Journal Entry: Thu Mar 12, 2015, 11:59 AM

auction by essencestudios
ON NOW!!!…

visit the artist: :iconmeflyingfree:


Journal Entry: Mon Feb 23, 2015, 6:57 PM

want to see my cats doing silly stuff???


Journal Entry: Mon Feb 16, 2015, 12:02 PM
Meet Tiny
she is my foster kitten
she is 3-4 weeks old
she has an abcess in her eye
we are trying to save it
Tiny by essencestudios

Tiny1 by essencestudios

if anyone is able to help
even a few dollars makes a difference
for Tiny and all the other kitties at
Animal Rescue Network New Zealand…
10953949 901973833168819 8752937727609354715 N by essencestudios

Animal Rescue Network New Zealand

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 1, 2015, 11:29 AM

...needs all the halp it can get!!

youcan find them here :iconfbplz:

We are fundraising to help pay for the vet costs [i.e.neutering] of rescue kitties and I am offering pet portraits for $100 [nz] with 50% going to ARNNZ.



Pudding gets head stuck in box...

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 30, 2015, 4:05 PM


Journal Entry: Thu Jan 15, 2015, 10:25 PM

awesome animations part 2

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 22, 2014, 5:34 PM
9 EMOticon Cat by allsmileys

Elger cat 4 by comichunterElger cat 5 by comichunterElger cat 9 by comichunter

Elger cat 10 by comichunterElger cat 2 by comichunterElger cat 3 by comichunter

Elger cat 7 by comichunterElger cat 11 by comichunterElger cat 8 by comichunter

CAT by memedokisCat Emotion-gif by mohammed6651

Kitty Cat Gif 105 by KittyCatGifs

Kitty Cupcake Gif by UnluckyPrincessVocaloid Paper Cat by psyAlera

Mystery Cat ANIMATED GIF by AronDraws

Hungry Cat by spicyroll

Kawaii Cat by Amigdalita

gif by Qaizor

awesome animations part 1

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 22, 2014, 12:57 AM
6 EMOticon Cat by allsmileys21 EMOticon Cat by allsmileys10 EMOticon Cat by allsmileys

Spring Cleaning by MrrrCat

Snowman by MrrrCat

Dance cat gif by SilveyPawHappy Chi Stamp by LobsterRapistCheshire lick by theblacchicken

hahahaha..... i confus. by gumbo026Wimpy Kitty by AdventuresWithLily

mrow? by Neriad

Singing Cat by nekomeandonYou think Im cute by LolliepopMayita

Sakura Ki no Shita ni Neteru by atnezau

Myaf animation by UndeadMonster

Cat-gif by ChocoJavaliWiggly Kitty by KukkiisArtCatWithTie [animated] by OlympicSmiler

29 EMOticon Cat by allsmileys16 EMOticon Cat by allsmileys

Kitty loop by PlainCreations

Sad kitty by X3sugarplumbsI Love my cat by Sacco195Cat =^.^= by ArcticHellNekori by MRicci

SPCBR by NalaFontaineKitty animation by BabyVegeta28 EMOticon Cat by allsmileysWTF cat icon by cupcakecat123123

Bouncing Kitty Stamp by Red--Vs--Blue

Snake Kitten by darkowl85Walking cat by SilveyPawWhite Cat Watching Ball - Animated by TARDISkittycat

kamineko- by ragecookie

Very Basic Cat Animation by LuAndTheFuzzyClouds

Roaring Lion by megaossa

Lampard drinking water by megaossa

Spring cleaning by MrrrCat

Feline Headdesk by WafflenutOfKitties

Please, do go on by CyphonFiction

Mrrr Walking - Trial 1 by MrrrCatkitty wants to play by X3sugarplumbsKitty Loves Bugs by JuneBerry

Lioness Roaring by megaossa

Fractalius Lion Animation 2 by megaossa

Anime Black Cat by Sanluris

Hungry by Wolf20

Cat animation by Smash-chu

Neko Factory by RestlessLynx
Bn by i-love-my-petgift gif 35: Micia by Tanukitsune1Cat With Orange by UndeadMonster

Silly Lolcat Webcam by borda

jumping cat Animation by sonic3224

Tiger reflection by megaossa

infinite flies by ALKEMANUBIS

Jiji by Animanga409

Meow by Mante-pls

Keyboard cat gif by ScarletDevi

Neko - Yay by RestlessLynx

New cats in the shop! by SrGrafo

Running Cheetah by megaossa

BasCATball stamp by Feathery-WingsMeow! :3 by Sparrow-Leon

Basketball-kitty by NeoSlashott

Mainstream. by dhim

yawning cat - gif by dreamsicles

Nom Nom by Mr-Stamp


ANIMATED CARTOON CAT ART 3 by catshomeRollerskate Cat Move! by Alba-R-Luque

ready to attack by hoschie

Momo Sprite by Feyrahmeeeeow free icon by sharumii

Neko - Ninja of Darkness by RestlessLynx

Neko - Blush by RestlessLynx

Neko - Embarassed by RestlessLynx

Cat kisses by MADZemoteFreak

Cat In Catnip by purstotahti

Neko - Hungry by RestlessLynx

Neko - Wink by RestlessLynx

Neko - Hypnotized by RestlessLynx


Neko - Dizzy by RestlessLynx

meow by irmirx

Neko - Sleepy by RestlessLynx

Black kitty anim by TorrojamaruDespicable me avatar by TheKiromancerlick gif by AryaTheCookiekage

Cheshire Cat Alice in wonderland by whowon

Rofling Coaster by darioart

Mini Gif Cat by mydreammagicSleeping Cat GIF by xXSRG7Xx

MewMewMew by Queen-Soulia

Printing by MiEsJFreya's afraid by FlyingRotten

dance cat v3.0 by DeadlyComics

Drawing Cat by Sora2theStars

Yummy by Riberry

Shocked Neko by miisukeDrawing Cat by Sora2theStars

Yummy by Riberry

ANIMATED CARTOON CAT ART 1 by catshomeSleepy Fat Cat by TheRumblies

RUN AWAY!!!!! (gif) by tokoymewmew3South Park - Nyan Coon by Flip-Reaper-ZComfy by shwippie

Neko - Headbang by RestlessLynx

Neko - Sad by RestlessLynx

iori animation by Tiroux

Funny Nyan Cat animation by ursus3ANIMATED CARTOON CAT ART 5 by catshome

Got it ! Where is it ?! by Kara-a

CUTE CAT GIF by MinnieKawaiiTutosOOOOOH Cat by RegularShowCPButterKat by HAMMMMIIIII

penguin SLAP! gif #3 by GIF-MANIA-AND-TACOS

Cat GIF by MaiaSadoptsNstuff

Cat jump by The-Color-Blue

cote by Denoro

black cat by wingedwolf94

Staring Cat by ArtBeginsHere

The Black Cat Avatar by LauraSan
Ninja Kitten by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me

Order me a fish (GIF) by tokoymewmew3

talk by silver-escape

Gif's by Lily928Sleepy Cat pixel by M-ang

Cat Scratch by WDBurns

pig pong RLY Cats gif by t-liderWaggy tail icon short-haired cat - free template by manicsfan

Elger cat by comichunter

cat ping pong by animationcenterI don't have a life. by CoffeeKyu

AWW.. cat fell sleep by Static01

Parachute Cat by AllRocksGoToHeaven

Shy Pirate by hoschie

 Catbug by mnrART

Puffed up cat GIF by JourneytoRevenge

Funny cat gif by SebbysKIttySUPRISE KITTEH! GIF # 2 by GIF-MANIA-AND-TACOSMononoke Cats by LonelySadWanderer

Cat attack by leovexx

[Sundae Island] Marshmallow cat by Pix3M

Sleepy Fat Cat....with mouse by TheRumbliesElger cat 5 by comichunter

Go on a diet, Nyan Cat! by ChinZaPep

Elger cat 4 by comichunter

Cake the Cat by Tinystrawberri

Cat Bug by NireLeetsacRun fat cat! Run! by Angelainva Cartoon Cat Gif by Sookie by sookiesooker

Elger cat 9 by comichunter

Little Cat by luisbc

Waggy tail icon long-haired cat - free template by manicsfan

Hello Kitty Running Gif by hello-kitty-hugs

Cat Nap by NeoAbyss

Happy Cat by photosophCake the Cat Icon by Patronus-CharmIndifferent Pointy Cat by Bobfleadip


Journal Entry: Sun Aug 10, 2014, 12:34 AM

what have you got to lose??

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 1, 2014, 12:15 AM

Essence Of Cat Pet Portraits

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 9, 2014, 2:20 PM
A4, gouache on paper, $80nz
Pet Portraits by essencestudios



Journal Entry: Sat Jun 28, 2014, 1:54 PM

Designed by me and transformed into fantastic bead creations by :iconcatswire:
Buy them here!!!!!!… :eager::icontakemymoneyplz:

Lazy Cats by CatsWire

Biskit's Bum - A HeatherCat by CatsWire

Christmas Thief - A HeatherCat by CatsWire

Tiny Cat in a Box pendant - A HeatherCat by CatsWire

Tinycat in a box cuff - A HeatherCat by CatsWire

Bead loomed SLN Dark - A HeatherCat by CatsWire

Bead loomed Lurking Cat pendants - HeatherCats by CatsWire

Bead loomed black and white cat - A HeatherCat by CatsWire

Golden Cat - A special HeatherCat by CatsWire

Shadycats #1 by CatsWire

More Shadycats by CatsWire

Bead loomed Lovecats - A HeatherCat piece by CatsWire

Bead loomed black cat earrings - HeatherCats by CatsWire

Holding You - A HeatherCat by CatsWire

Bead loomed pendants Us - HeatherCats by CatsWire

HeatherKittens by CatsWire


Journal Entry: Sat Jun 14, 2014, 12:25 PM
Gif by Emoxynha17 n.n by marusitanekoGif by EmoxynhaGif by EmoxynhaGif by Emoxynha

Floating Paw Divider (Pink) - F2U! by Drache-LehreFloating Paw Divider (Pink) - F2U! by Drache-LehreFloating Paw Divider (Pink) - F2U! by Drache-LehreFloating Paw Divider (Pink) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

:iconhurrahplz:The stamps are ready for sale now at… :eager:
here are some...:sherlock:

Spc by essencestudios

Kitty by SyumiKitty by SyumiKitty by SyumiKitty by SyumiKitty by SyumiKitty by Syumi

Gif by Emoxynha


Journal Entry: Sat May 24, 2014, 1:06 AM

Lately I have been designing stamps, they will soon be for sale from

Stealthystamp  by essencestudios   Suncatsstamp by essencestudios

Sniffystamp by essencestudios   Snugglystamp by essencestudios

Sneakystamp by essencestudios      

Sleepystamp by essencestudios   Slacker by essencestudios

Petpetpetstamp by essencestudios   Scaredycatstamp by essencestudios  

Reachystamp by essencestudios   Poseystamp by essencestudios

Skippy by essencestudios

Plainkittystamp by essencestudios   Paws by essencestudios

Lovecatsstamp by essencestudios   Kittystamp by essencestudios

Kittyfacestamp by essencestudios   Kissycatsstamp by essencestudios

Jumpystamp by essencestudios

Grouchycatstamp by essencestudios   Curtaincatstamp by essencestudios

Boxystamp by essencestudios   Biskitsbumstamp by essencestudios

   Tinysnowcatstamp by essencestudios   Tinywhaaastamp by essencestudios

Dalicat by essencestudios